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All right, you ready?

Here it is:

When talking dirty its all about the slow, successive teaseWrite that down in your head.

You must work yourself and your partner into it. You must step into it slowly. Going too fast will be an instant turn off to most men. Let me tell you, its all about the tease and ultimately, the sexual frustration that your man experiences. I cannot tell you enough how powerful this can be.

And a great way to pull it off is to go “minimalist” with it. Do not start off by attempting to talk dirty in person.  Start off with text sex… or phone sex. And do it casual and subtle.

You see, men want what they can’t have. That is why its key to go into it lightly, casually… and slowly. Tease  him like a cat chases a string. Hint at something but then pull back, and do this again and again.

Phone sex is a great way to start off. I’ve decided to give you some phone sex secrets that will help you get going.

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Here’s The 3 Phone Sex Secrets That’ll Blow Your Partners Mind, Make Him Want You MORE Than Ever, And Make Your Relationship Last 10x Longer

Secret #1 – Sexual Frustration Is a GOOD Thing, Because It Makes Phone Sex So Damn HORNY!

Here’s the reasons why phone sex works like a charm:


  • Men get very little validation these days. That is why your man LOVES to feel appreciated and sexually desired, so tell him how turned on he makes YOU feel – even when he’s not there in the same room.
  • It builds tension that’ll make him kick down the doors, throw you in bed, and act out scene by scene the conversation you both had earlier before. Because…it’ll strengthen your relationship and make him want you more than when he first met you. So –

Now you know the secret about WHY phone sex is healthy for your relationship, here’s what you do next…

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Secret #2 – Prepare Yourself For a Steamy…Erotic…Phone Sex Conversation With Your Man.  It sounds obvious, but let me tell you — if you do not do it your conversion will lack in sincerity. Here’s how to pull it off:

  • Take a nice, hot bath and afterwards put on your favorite perfume and lingerie.
  • Pour yourself a chilled glass of wine to loosen up. JUST a little bit will do the trick. Not 3 or 4 glasses. There’s nothing seductive about a drunk trying to get the words, “I love yoouuuuu” out in a sentence.
  • Start pleasuring yourself before you call. But do NOT reach orgasm. Wait until you get HIM on the phone and you climax together. You want to physically get yourself in the mood so when you’re talking dirty it comes out naturally and genuine.

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Secret #3 – Grab The Phone, Dial His Number, And Make Him Sexually Aroused…
Here’s a few things you can say to break the ice and get him in the mood, too:

  • “You know what? I’m not wearing any panties today…”
  • “I wish you could see what I’m doing to myself right now…”
  • “You should see what I’m wearing right now…”

As you’re saying this in the beginning, use a “casual’ tone.
Critically important: Don’t turn on your seductive side just yet. It’s just a warm up to the grand finale…
Here’s what you do next…

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