Talking dirty allows you to rekindle the relationship you once had.

Talking dirty allows you to rekindle the relationship you once had.

You may think that talking dirty is only for other women in other relationships.  However,if you think about everything you could add to your relationship, including a newfound excitement, a better, more fulfilling relationship, and just plain better sex, you will not think twice about trying it.

You see – there are stages of talking dirty, so you can start small and work your way up.  Here are some ideas to get you started; once you become comfortable with the process, be creative, and have fun!

Start Talking Dirty in Texts, Instant Messages, and Voicemails

Talking dirty during sex is something to get used to for some women.  Many women are just barely past being shy about their bodies, so they are not at all prepared to start talking dirty right away.

Talking dirty can be done, however, in smaller increments to begin with, such as the following:

•    Send him dirty text messages off and on throughout the day.
•    Email him in his personal inbox with dirty messages about what you want to do when he gets home, or to reminisce about the night before.  Include a picture of yourself in a sexy chemise or teddy.  Be sure not to use his work email for this kind of a message.
•    Put a note in his briefcase.  If you are feeling brave, pin it to a pair of your panties.

Talking Dirty as Foreplay

You can graduate to talking dirty face to face as soon as you are mentally able.  You have practiced by leaving voicemails, sending texts, and emailing dirty messages.  Now you can bring it home where you can really enjoy it.

Try talking dirty before sexual intercourse begins; this will set the mood and excite him.  Tell him what you want and what you would like to do for him.  Be explicit, using touch to put an exclamation point on your statements.  This will be so tantalizing to him that he will be aching to move to the next physical level.

Another great advantage to this kind of talk is that if offers an excellent opportunity to tell your partner what you want and what you like.  Use this tool to find out what he really wants too.  There might be things that each of you  might be longing for, but have never found a way to voice.  Dirty talking gives each of you the candidness needed for this kind of give and take.

Dirty Talking as Role Playing

One very specific and very effective way to engage in dirty talking is role playing.  These kinds of games give you a chance to be someone completely different than yourself and to be with someone seemingly completely different as well.  As you have opened communication with your partner through dirty talking, some fantasies on both your parts have possibly come to light.

Perhaps he would be excited by an encounter with a dominatrix, a Geisha, or a princess.  You may be excited by a night with a rock star, a king, or a pirate.  No matter what the roles, you will be able to use these roles and some ‘talking dirty’ to create a highly evolved, extremely exciting sex life and a closer relationship.