It is not unusual for a couple’s sex life to become a bit boring after they have been together for a period of time — this is a normal thing.

However, a woman who learns to talk dirty to her man can liven up their sexual encounters.  Talking dirty may take some time to learn and develop, (if you are a woman who has never engaged in such things) but with a little coaching you will eventually enjoy the ability to talk dirty and spice up your love life.

Believe it or not, there are some very real, very effective tips you can follow in order to become quite good at erotic conversation.  While checking out lovemaking tips online may seem cold and calculating, with a little bit of effort the results can be pretty good.

There are several websites / courses /  guides of dirty talk and sexy chatter you can view online; try a few and see what works for you as you learn to talk dirty. (We recommend one below that has worked very well for us.)

Read along, I have some tips for you…

Talk Dirty for Beginners: Start By Asking “Yes” Questions

When you talk dirty ask “yes” questions to warm up.

When you talk dirty ask “yes” questions to warm up.

Of course, while it is fun and hot to talk dirty during sex, you certainly do not want to start a chatty conversation.  This would be distracting.  The trick – for starting out – is to use “yes questions”.

The key to “yes questions” is to promote your love to acknowledge his excitement, his enjoyment, and his sheer pleasure in your love making.  This, in turn will lead to a heightened sense of urgency and greater enjoyment for both of you.

Here are a few dirty talking “yes questions” to consider:

•    Does that feel good?
•    Do you want me?
•    Do you like it like this?
•    Are you hot?

Talk Dirty About What You Want

A man loves to know that he is pleasing his woman… (and I suggesting telling him as often as possible)

For many women, however, it is difficult to talk about what you want and enjoy sexually.  Learn how to talk dirty and become comfortable with it, so during sex, you can tell him what you want, naturally and seductively.

Here are a few suggestions, but obviously, you will want to customize your dirty talk to what you really want and enjoy.

•    Suggest or request sex positions.
•    Tell him where you would like to be kissed.
•    Whisper in his ear where you would like to be touched, squeezed, even licked.

Before long, you will naturally talk dirty during sex, and you will not believe the improvements you will enjoy in your sexual experiences.  The two of you will be closer than ever, and you both will learn more about eachother’s preferences, turn-ons, and desires.

While all of this may feel uncomfortable to you at first, once you begin to enjoy the benefits of talking dirty, you will want to do it more and more.  Your partner’s reactions to your words will be encouragement enough.  Eventually you will want to talk dirty without any hesitation or concern.