Knowing how to talk dirty is one of the best tools you can have for building a strong, satisfying sex life.  Put away that book of complex sexual positions and your sex toys catalog; your words are enough to set fire to your sexual encounters.

You see – couples who have been married for years and couples who have been dating for just a little while can both benefit from learning how to talk dirty.  If this whole topic sounds a little uncomfortable to you, don’t worry; you can learn how to dirty talk in careful stages.

How to Talk Dirty Using Technology

Once you learn how to talk dirty, you can talk dirty using all forms of technology.

Once you learn how to talk dirty, you can talk dirty using all forms of technology.

This is a great way to start because you can use your dirty talking skills remotely.  During the day, maybe at lunchtime, send your lover a dirty text.  There are many things you can say in just a few characters:

•    Can’t wait to get you naked tonight.
•    Let’s skip dinner and just go to bed.  Oh, and I don’t want to sleep.
•    Thinking about you is making me hot.  When will you be here?
•    Can’t wait to feel your hands on me.

The options are endless, and it’s a great way to get started learning how to dirty talk because the messages are short and you can hide behind a shield of perceived anonymity.  You may not get a response after the first text, but by the time you have sent three texts like this, you will get a response, and he will hurry home to you.

If he works in a private area and you know he will have a little privacy at lunch time, you can use instant messages as your venue for talking dirty.  Picture this:  it is 1:30 and he is going through documents at his desk, and your instant message pops up, suggesting something very dirty for the second he walks in the door. Interest piqued, he responds with a second suggestion.  Now, the two of you are engaging in intermittent sexual messages throughout the afternoon.  By the time your man walks through the door, you are both ready to peel each other’s clothes off.  You have provided the foreplay all afternoon.

How to Talk Dirty on the Phone

Now that you have tested the waters with some remote dirty talk and have seen the positive reactions you are getting, you are ready to figure out how to ‘dirty talk’ on the phone.  By now, you have seen your love life and your entire relationship take a step up because your dirty talk has built up your partner’s confidence and fed his need to know that he is wanted sexually.  It is time to make the phone call.

If you are unsure how to engage in dirty talk on the phone, remember that this is a man you know very well and who cares about you.  You cannot mess this up.  Pick up the phone during his lunch hour, take steps to ensure that he is indeed alone, and then tell him what you love about what he did last night.  Talk about what you are looking forward to doing next time you see him.  Knowing how to talk dirty will open up your relationship to a world of sexual satisfaction.