Learning how to dirty talk can be a very important step in ramping up the excitement and satisfaction in your sex life.  Surprise your lover when, instead of whispering sweet nothings during sex, you whisper hot, inspiring utterances that make him even hotter and in turn, create a more satisfying experience for you both.

How to Dirty Talk Before Sex

Learning how to dirty talk will add spice to any relationship.

Learning how to dirty talk will add spice to any relationship.

It can start while you are putting away dinner dishes; it can start before the movie is over; it can even start at the grocery store.  It is as exciting as physical foreplay, and it builds the sexual tension between the two of you so that you are ready before you even begin.  As you are sitting on the couch, look him in the eyes, and say simply, “I want you” or “I need you to touch me.”  That will be enough get his attention.

How to Dirty Talk as Foreplay

Once the real foreplay has begun, and you and your lover are interacting physically, do not stop talking dirty.  Tell him what you like and what you want.  Tell him it feels good, and tell him what you want to do next.  His physical and emotional responses should be enough to ensure you that your dirty words are doing what you want them to.

How to Dirty Talk to Elicit His Response


As your sexual encounter begins to heat up, move to questions to which all of the answers will be “yes.” Ask him questions like these.

•    Do you want me?
•    Do you like this?
•    Do you want more?
•    Is this how you like it?

As he answers yes to each of your questions, his sexual needs and excitement will build, and the overall results will be amazing.

The Advanced Lesson

Following these 101-level tips on how to talk dirty will give your relationship and sex life  a boost.  It will help your overall relationship because your man will be more confident that he is pleasing you and that you are engaged, and that will bring you closer, in and out of the bedroom.

However, once you have mastered the basics on how to dirty talk, you are able to move on to more advanced realms, in which your partner is as involved as you are.  Make no mistake; once your man is aware of this new skill you have developed, he will definitely want to play along.  So let him.  Move on to role playing, in which the two of you play out one another’s fantasies.  Knowing how to talk dirty will make this exercise a lot of fun.  This is a great exercise because you are truly focusing on one another’s needs and desires, ultimately resulting in a level of sexual arousal that is almost explosive.

The key to learning how to talk dirty with your lover, spouse, or boyfriend is to have fun.  As you become more comfortable with the idea of talking dirty, you will become more natural and the two of you will look forward to it.  There will be times when you are both laughing and times when your words will build such a tension that you must both stop what you are doing  and have each other right way.  Either way, learning how to dirty talk will add all new dimensions to your relationship.

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