Whether your relationship is brand new or you and your partner have been together for years, dirty talking will  light a match beneath your sex life. In the mid-1980′s, Vince Neil of Motley Crue begged his lover in song, “Talk Dirty to Me.” This is because men really do love it. While you may be uncomfortable with dirty talking at first, once you try it and enjoy the sensual results, you will learn to engage in dirty talking more often.

Why Does Dirty Talking Work?

Your man wants to know that you (his partner) are engaged in sex.   Let’s face it, ladies – Men have real, physical reactions that are noticeable and undeniable.

It is easy for women to fake interest, and men know it. Dirty talking is a way of showing him that you are present and accounted for. You are involved, engaged, and as excited about having sex with him as he is with you.

It also provides your partner with reassurances that you are enjoying the encounter. This is important girls.

You see, a guy will experience as many insecurities as a woman will, and dirty talking illustrates to him that he is doing all the right things. In fact, some dirty talking will even guide him in making the right moves. This is great for both of you because the best way to get exactly what you want is to simply ask for it. The result is a lover who is even more excited than before… and along with this comes much hotter, steamier sex.

The Long Term Effects of Dirty Talking

Dirty talking can make your relationship last.

Dirty talking can make your relationship last.

Your dirty talk will not just reap the rewards during one or two isolated encounters.

You see – your lover will think about the experience, and it will make him even more excited about the next time you are together. That verbal banter will give him something concrete he can replay in his mind during a slow afternoon meeting or in his commute to work. In fact, the benefits will become evident in other parts of your relationship as well.

A man who feels sexually secure and confident with his wife, girlfriend, or lover, is a more attentive partner in and out of bed. You will be amazed what something as seemingly trivial as dirty talking will do for your relationship as a whole. If someone were to stop him at the flower shop and ask him what has gotten him so psyched for his relationship and his love for you, he probably would not be able to answer; he would probably not be able to pinpoint your dirty talking as the catalyst. He would just know that he feels great about his relationship, and that he just can’t get enough of you.

When Should You Talk Dirty?

Remember that this is supposed to be fun; it is not brain surgery, so experiment. Use your new found skills for dirty talking as foreplay before you ever leave the couch or begin to kiss; inject some sultry banter during intercourse; send a steamy text in the middle of the day. Dirty talking will let him know you want him any time you want that message heard.