Dirty talk is a great vehicle for spicing up a relationship, and it does not just have to be during sex.

No matter how much two people care about each other, lives can become routine and they can begin to take one another for granted.  Eventually, the sexual tension dwindles away, and you feel more like friends than lovers.  Amazingly, infusing a little dirty talk into the relationship can make all the difference in the world.

Dirty Talk Doesn’t Have to Be Face to Face

Dirty talk is portable -- you can do it from anywhere.

Dirty talk is portable -- you can do it from anywhere.

In your next lunch time telephone conversation with your husband, boyfriend, or lover, try this trick.. but first,  make sure he is alone.  You may not want to do this if he works in a cubicle or an open area.

Once you have made certain hat he is in a private place, like his office, his car, or the like, follow these steps:

•    Ask him what his plans are for the evening.
•    When he asks if you have anything in mind, tell him what you have planned for dinner.
•    Calmly talk about errands you need to run and tasks you need to accomplish.
•    Then tell him in detail  how you would like to make love to him.  Be explicit, and tell him what you would like him to do for you as well. Do it in a totally normal, casual voice.

You will catch him by surprise; that is part of the fun.  He might even leave work early to get home and get the evening underway.  Be sure to follow up on the ideas you have planted in his mind.  He will be very frustrated if you have changed your mind by evening.

The next time, he will be ready and will make sure is alone and available for some lunch time phone sex that will serve as foreplay for an amorous evening later.  You will find that you both are more fulfilled: your sex is more exciting, and your relationship is stronger!

Dirty Talk Does Not Have to Be Talk

This is the 21st century; we communicate with more than just words these days.  There are a lot of non-verbal ways to incorporated dirty talk into your love life.  Before today’s technology age, a love note with some dirty talk included, tucked into a brief case, did the trick.  Today, we have many additional options at our disposal.

Imagine for a moment your partner, reading through his text messages or his instant messages on his computer, reading dirty text messages from the woman he loves.  He will be tantalized and excited as he awaits an evening with you, acting out the dirty talk that you sent him earlier in the day.  (Be careful not to do this if the cell phone or instant message system belongs to his company, however, as they have full access to his communications, should they choose to utilize it.)

Once you start talking dirty, you will find that it becomes easier… Once you have received positive feedback a few times, dirty talk will become sexy banter.  You will begin to use dirty talk as a sort of foreplay that will excite and arouse you both.