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How to Dirty Talk Will Add Spice and Desire to Your Relationship: Tell Him You Want Him with Hot, Sexy Words

Learning how to dirty talk can be a very important step in ramping up the excitement and satisfaction in your sex life.  Surprise your lover when, instead of whispering sweet nothings during sex, you whisper hot, inspiring utterances that make him even hotter and in turn, create a more satisfying experience for you both.

How to Dirty Talk Before Sex

Learning how to dirty talk will add spice to any relationship.

Learning how to dirty talk will add spice to any relationship.

It can start while you are putting away dinner dishes; it can start before the movie is over; it can even start at the grocery store.  It is as exciting as physical foreplay, and it builds the sexual tension between the two of you so that you are ready before you even begin.  As you are sitting on the couch, look him in the eyes, and say simply, “I want you” or “I need you to touch me.”  That will be enough get his attention.

How to Dirty Talk as Foreplay

Once the real foreplay has begun, and you and your lover are interacting physically, do not stop talking dirty.  Tell him what you like and what you want.  Tell him it feels good, and tell him what you want to do next.  His physical and emotional responses should be enough to ensure you that your dirty words are doing what you want them to.

How to Dirty Talk to Elicit His Response


As your sexual encounter begins to heat up, move to questions to which all of the answers will be “yes.” Ask him questions like these.

•    Do you want me?
•    Do you like this?
•    Do you want more?
•    Is this how you like it?

As he answers yes to each of your questions, his sexual needs and excitement will build, and the overall results will be amazing.

The Advanced Lesson

Following these 101-level tips on how to talk dirty will give your relationship and sex life  a boost.  It will help your overall relationship because your man will be more confident that he is pleasing you and that you are engaged, and that will bring you closer, in and out of the bedroom.

However, once you have mastered the basics on how to dirty talk, you are able to move on to more advanced realms, in which your partner is as involved as you are.  Make no mistake; once your man is aware of this new skill you have developed, he will definitely want to play along.  So let him.  Move on to role playing, in which the two of you play out one another’s fantasies.  Knowing how to talk dirty will make this exercise a lot of fun.  This is a great exercise because you are truly focusing on one another’s needs and desires, ultimately resulting in a level of sexual arousal that is almost explosive.

The key to learning how to talk dirty with your lover, spouse, or boyfriend is to have fun.  As you become more comfortable with the idea of talking dirty, you will become more natural and the two of you will look forward to it.  There will be times when you are both laughing and times when your words will build such a tension that you must both stop what you are doing  and have each other right way.  Either way, learning how to dirty talk will add all new dimensions to your relationship.

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How to Talk Dirty: Build a Strong Relationship Through Better Sex

Knowing how to talk dirty is one of the best tools you can have for building a strong, satisfying sex life.  Put away that book of complex sexual positions and your sex toys catalog; your words are enough to set fire to your sexual encounters.

You see – couples who have been married for years and couples who have been dating for just a little while can both benefit from learning how to talk dirty.  If this whole topic sounds a little uncomfortable to you, don’t worry; you can learn how to dirty talk in careful stages.

How to Talk Dirty Using Technology

Once you learn how to talk dirty, you can talk dirty using all forms of technology.

Once you learn how to talk dirty, you can talk dirty using all forms of technology.

This is a great way to start because you can use your dirty talking skills remotely.  During the day, maybe at lunchtime, send your lover a dirty text.  There are many things you can say in just a few characters:

•    Can’t wait to get you naked tonight.
•    Let’s skip dinner and just go to bed.  Oh, and I don’t want to sleep.
•    Thinking about you is making me hot.  When will you be here?
•    Can’t wait to feel your hands on me.

The options are endless, and it’s a great way to get started learning how to dirty talk because the messages are short and you can hide behind a shield of perceived anonymity.  You may not get a response after the first text, but by the time you have sent three texts like this, you will get a response, and he will hurry home to you.

If he works in a private area and you know he will have a little privacy at lunch time, you can use instant messages as your venue for talking dirty.  Picture this:  it is 1:30 and he is going through documents at his desk, and your instant message pops up, suggesting something very dirty for the second he walks in the door. Interest piqued, he responds with a second suggestion.  Now, the two of you are engaging in intermittent sexual messages throughout the afternoon.  By the time your man walks through the door, you are both ready to peel each other’s clothes off.  You have provided the foreplay all afternoon.

How to Talk Dirty on the Phone

Now that you have tested the waters with some remote dirty talk and have seen the positive reactions you are getting, you are ready to figure out how to ‘dirty talk’ on the phone.  By now, you have seen your love life and your entire relationship take a step up because your dirty talk has built up your partner’s confidence and fed his need to know that he is wanted sexually.  It is time to make the phone call.

If you are unsure how to engage in dirty talk on the phone, remember that this is a man you know very well and who cares about you.  You cannot mess this up.  Pick up the phone during his lunch hour, take steps to ensure that he is indeed alone, and then tell him what you love about what he did last night.  Talk about what you are looking forward to doing next time you see him.  Knowing how to talk dirty will open up your relationship to a world of sexual satisfaction.

Talking Dirty: Make Married Sex Feel Like Dating Sex Again

Talking dirty allows you to rekindle the relationship you once had.

Talking dirty allows you to rekindle the relationship you once had.

You may think that talking dirty is only for other women in other relationships.  However,if you think about everything you could add to your relationship, including a newfound excitement, a better, more fulfilling relationship, and just plain better sex, you will not think twice about trying it.

You see – there are stages of talking dirty, so you can start small and work your way up.  Here are some ideas to get you started; once you become comfortable with the process, be creative, and have fun!

Start Talking Dirty in Texts, Instant Messages, and Voicemails

Talking dirty during sex is something to get used to for some women.  Many women are just barely past being shy about their bodies, so they are not at all prepared to start talking dirty right away.

Talking dirty can be done, however, in smaller increments to begin with, such as the following:

•    Send him dirty text messages off and on throughout the day.
•    Email him in his personal inbox with dirty messages about what you want to do when he gets home, or to reminisce about the night before.  Include a picture of yourself in a sexy chemise or teddy.  Be sure not to use his work email for this kind of a message.
•    Put a note in his briefcase.  If you are feeling brave, pin it to a pair of your panties.

Talking Dirty as Foreplay

You can graduate to talking dirty face to face as soon as you are mentally able.  You have practiced by leaving voicemails, sending texts, and emailing dirty messages.  Now you can bring it home where you can really enjoy it.

Try talking dirty before sexual intercourse begins; this will set the mood and excite him.  Tell him what you want and what you would like to do for him.  Be explicit, using touch to put an exclamation point on your statements.  This will be so tantalizing to him that he will be aching to move to the next physical level.

Another great advantage to this kind of talk is that if offers an excellent opportunity to tell your partner what you want and what you like.  Use this tool to find out what he really wants too.  There might be things that each of you  might be longing for, but have never found a way to voice.  Dirty talking gives each of you the candidness needed for this kind of give and take.

Dirty Talking as Role Playing

One very specific and very effective way to engage in dirty talking is role playing.  These kinds of games give you a chance to be someone completely different than yourself and to be with someone seemingly completely different as well.  As you have opened communication with your partner through dirty talking, some fantasies on both your parts have possibly come to light.

Perhaps he would be excited by an encounter with a dominatrix, a Geisha, or a princess.  You may be excited by a night with a rock star, a king, or a pirate.  No matter what the roles, you will be able to use these roles and some ‘talking dirty’ to create a highly evolved, extremely exciting sex life and a closer relationship.


Dirty Talking Feeds All Parts of a Relationship: Learn to Talk Dirty for Better Sex and a Closer Bond

Whether your relationship is brand new or you and your partner have been together for years, dirty talking will  light a match beneath your sex life. In the mid-1980′s, Vince Neil of Motley Crue begged his lover in song, “Talk Dirty to Me.” This is because men really do love it. While you may be uncomfortable with dirty talking at first, once you try it and enjoy the sensual results, you will learn to engage in dirty talking more often.

Why Does Dirty Talking Work?

Your man wants to know that you (his partner) are engaged in sex.   Let’s face it, ladies – Men have real, physical reactions that are noticeable and undeniable.

It is easy for women to fake interest, and men know it. Dirty talking is a way of showing him that you are present and accounted for. You are involved, engaged, and as excited about having sex with him as he is with you.

It also provides your partner with reassurances that you are enjoying the encounter. This is important girls.

You see, a guy will experience as many insecurities as a woman will, and dirty talking illustrates to him that he is doing all the right things. In fact, some dirty talking will even guide him in making the right moves. This is great for both of you because the best way to get exactly what you want is to simply ask for it. The result is a lover who is even more excited than before… and along with this comes much hotter, steamier sex.

The Long Term Effects of Dirty Talking

Dirty talking can make your relationship last.

Dirty talking can make your relationship last.

Your dirty talk will not just reap the rewards during one or two isolated encounters.

You see – your lover will think about the experience, and it will make him even more excited about the next time you are together. That verbal banter will give him something concrete he can replay in his mind during a slow afternoon meeting or in his commute to work. In fact, the benefits will become evident in other parts of your relationship as well.

A man who feels sexually secure and confident with his wife, girlfriend, or lover, is a more attentive partner in and out of bed. You will be amazed what something as seemingly trivial as dirty talking will do for your relationship as a whole. If someone were to stop him at the flower shop and ask him what has gotten him so psyched for his relationship and his love for you, he probably would not be able to answer; he would probably not be able to pinpoint your dirty talking as the catalyst. He would just know that he feels great about his relationship, and that he just can’t get enough of you.

When Should You Talk Dirty?

Remember that this is supposed to be fun; it is not brain surgery, so experiment. Use your new found skills for dirty talking as foreplay before you ever leave the couch or begin to kiss; inject some sultry banter during intercourse; send a steamy text in the middle of the day. Dirty talking will let him know you want him any time you want that message heard.

Dirty Talk Puts Excitement Back into Your Relationship

Dirty talk is a great vehicle for spicing up a relationship, and it does not just have to be during sex.

No matter how much two people care about each other, lives can become routine and they can begin to take one another for granted.  Eventually, the sexual tension dwindles away, and you feel more like friends than lovers.  Amazingly, infusing a little dirty talk into the relationship can make all the difference in the world.

Dirty Talk Doesn’t Have to Be Face to Face

Dirty talk is portable -- you can do it from anywhere.

Dirty talk is portable -- you can do it from anywhere.

In your next lunch time telephone conversation with your husband, boyfriend, or lover, try this trick.. but first,  make sure he is alone.  You may not want to do this if he works in a cubicle or an open area.

Once you have made certain hat he is in a private place, like his office, his car, or the like, follow these steps:

•    Ask him what his plans are for the evening.
•    When he asks if you have anything in mind, tell him what you have planned for dinner.
•    Calmly talk about errands you need to run and tasks you need to accomplish.
•    Then tell him in detail  how you would like to make love to him.  Be explicit, and tell him what you would like him to do for you as well. Do it in a totally normal, casual voice.

You will catch him by surprise; that is part of the fun.  He might even leave work early to get home and get the evening underway.  Be sure to follow up on the ideas you have planted in his mind.  He will be very frustrated if you have changed your mind by evening.

The next time, he will be ready and will make sure is alone and available for some lunch time phone sex that will serve as foreplay for an amorous evening later.  You will find that you both are more fulfilled: your sex is more exciting, and your relationship is stronger!

Dirty Talk Does Not Have to Be Talk

This is the 21st century; we communicate with more than just words these days.  There are a lot of non-verbal ways to incorporated dirty talk into your love life.  Before today’s technology age, a love note with some dirty talk included, tucked into a brief case, did the trick.  Today, we have many additional options at our disposal.

Imagine for a moment your partner, reading through his text messages or his instant messages on his computer, reading dirty text messages from the woman he loves.  He will be tantalized and excited as he awaits an evening with you, acting out the dirty talk that you sent him earlier in the day.  (Be careful not to do this if the cell phone or instant message system belongs to his company, however, as they have full access to his communications, should they choose to utilize it.)

Once you start talking dirty, you will find that it becomes easier… Once you have received positive feedback a few times, dirty talk will become sexy banter.  You will begin to use dirty talk as a sort of foreplay that will excite and arouse you both.

Talk Dirty for Better Sex: How to Use Use Dirty Talking to Add Spice to Your Love Life

It is not unusual for a couple’s sex life to become a bit boring after they have been together for a period of time — this is a normal thing.

However, a woman who learns to talk dirty to her man can liven up their sexual encounters.  Talking dirty may take some time to learn and develop, (if you are a woman who has never engaged in such things) but with a little coaching you will eventually enjoy the ability to talk dirty and spice up your love life.

Believe it or not, there are some very real, very effective tips you can follow in order to become quite good at erotic conversation.  While checking out lovemaking tips online may seem cold and calculating, with a little bit of effort the results can be pretty good.

There are several websites / courses /  guides of dirty talk and sexy chatter you can view online; try a few and see what works for you as you learn to talk dirty. (We recommend one below that has worked very well for us.)

Read along, I have some tips for you…

Talk Dirty for Beginners: Start By Asking “Yes” Questions

When you talk dirty ask “yes” questions to warm up.

When you talk dirty ask “yes” questions to warm up.

Of course, while it is fun and hot to talk dirty during sex, you certainly do not want to start a chatty conversation.  This would be distracting.  The trick – for starting out – is to use “yes questions”.

The key to “yes questions” is to promote your love to acknowledge his excitement, his enjoyment, and his sheer pleasure in your love making.  This, in turn will lead to a heightened sense of urgency and greater enjoyment for both of you.

Here are a few dirty talking “yes questions” to consider:

•    Does that feel good?
•    Do you want me?
•    Do you like it like this?
•    Are you hot?

Talk Dirty About What You Want

A man loves to know that he is pleasing his woman… (and I suggesting telling him as often as possible)

For many women, however, it is difficult to talk about what you want and enjoy sexually.  Learn how to talk dirty and become comfortable with it, so during sex, you can tell him what you want, naturally and seductively.

Here are a few suggestions, but obviously, you will want to customize your dirty talk to what you really want and enjoy.

•    Suggest or request sex positions.
•    Tell him where you would like to be kissed.
•    Whisper in his ear where you would like to be touched, squeezed, even licked.

Before long, you will naturally talk dirty during sex, and you will not believe the improvements you will enjoy in your sexual experiences.  The two of you will be closer than ever, and you both will learn more about eachother’s preferences, turn-ons, and desires.

While all of this may feel uncomfortable to you at first, once you begin to enjoy the benefits of talking dirty, you will want to do it more and more.  Your partner’s reactions to your words will be encouragement enough.  Eventually you will want to talk dirty without any hesitation or concern.


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